Junk Removal Construction Debris

What To Do With Construction Debris

Usually, there is a great deal of excitement with starting a new construction project. You have a vision and can’t wait to get it all together. Sure, the process will be difficult and sometimes take longer than you thought it would. But oh it is so worth it. What most people don’t consider is what to do with all the waste and debris that comes with every construction project. There will be lots of odds and ends to throw out, and you may have different laws or regulations on to how to dispose of these items that vary from city to city. At Bye Junk, we are no strangers to this part of the process. In this blog, we will go over all of your options for what to do with construction debris. How to remove it, dispose of it, recycle it, donate it and much more.

How Do You Dispose Of Home And Office Remodeling Waste?

Removing Debris From Construction SiteWhether you are remodeling a whole house, office location, or just a single room there will always be some sort of leftover construction debris that you will need to remove and get rid of properly. Below we will highlight some specific options you have for how to remove construction debris focusing on various types of remodels. These options can work for any type of remodel even if they aren’t the specific rooms we feature below.

  • Kitchen Remodel
    • Any kitchen makeover always ends up with the same question – how do I get rid of this kitchen remodel debris? You should first consider what is in working order or not. You might be able to sell that old refrigerator or donate it. If it’s not working, you can call the manufacturer and see if they have a recycling program. Or lug it down to the city waste management company. The easiest method would be to let our team at Bye Junk do the heavy lifting by coming to your location and removing your construction debris and items for you while also taking care of the disposal.
  • Bathroom Remodel
    • Your new bathroom will not be complete until all the old tile and that leaky sink are gone. Before you try to fit everything in your garbage bin, check to see if anything can be recycled. Many plumbing fixtures are made with items that can be recycled. In this case, you can take them to your local recycling center to dispose of. Just call them beforehand to ensure they take the items you have.

Can I Throw Used Bathroom Tiles In The Garbage?

You should not throw away bathroom tiles in your home garbage. The grime and dirt may not be pleasant to clean up, but it is a far better solution than letting that sit in a landfill. Generally, you should put all the discarded tiles in a box to be disposed of all at once. Salvage companies may be able to find a use for your old tiles, but most do not offer a pick-up service. If you are wondering how to donate used tiles the good news is that you can in some cases.

If for example, there is an arts district in your area you can donate them to the artists which will then incorporate them into their work. Some housing projects and charities also take tile donation, but you’ll want to check with the specific ones in your area first to make sure they take used tiles.

If you have leftover materials from your construction projects you can always donate those to your local Restore location. That is a construction and housing thrift store run by Habitat for Humanity.

How To Get Rid Of Construction Waste

Depending on the type of construction project you are working you will produce different types of construction waste that will need to be removed, disposed, or recycled when possible. Here are some options for some construction types:

  • Office remodel
    • Hopefully, a new office will increase productivity and job satisfaction. People like working in a place that is clean and inviting. Do not waste any time letting the discarded materials from your office sit around. Keep in mind that many office supplies cannot be casually thrown into a dumpster or recycling bin. Electronics should be taken to a local e-waste collector. For the rest, you will need to work with your local waste management facility directly or use a construction debris removal service like Bye Junk.
  • New Construction
    • If you are building a new home, office, or storefront on an empty lot, you might not realize that you’ll have plenty of debris to get rid of once the job is done. Every square foot of a new building produces 3.9 pounds of waste. From building materials like nails rebar, or dredging materials like trees or rubble, all of that waste needs to go somewhere.
  • Home remodel
    • Even if you hire a contractor to help you remodel your home, there may still be home renovation debris left behind. You can take steps to reuse much of this waste or donate it to those who can. Places like restore or other housing-related charities are a great place to start. You can use reclaimed wood to create tables and chairs. Or if you are not very crafty, you could donate the wood to local nonprofits. If your items cannot be reused or recycled then you’ll have to get them to the local dump to dispose of them.

Landscape Remodel – How Do I Get Rid Of Yard Waste Debris?

Left Over Construction MaterialsFresh flowers, beautiful greenery, or maybe a lawn ornament can really brighten up your home or office. When creating a new landscape, it is best to consider disposal options as you are working rather than when you are done. Yard waste can get tossed around by wind and foot traffic and the longer it sits the more likely it will disturb your new landscape. You could throw it in the bin for local yard debris pickup, but larger projects may produce a lot more debris than your bin can handle. Consider a helping hand from the team at Bye Junk who specializes in yard waste pick up and removal if you are local to the Bay Area.

For those not located in the Bay Area, you can check with your local trash pick up service to see if they have special options for yard waste. Also, you can make a compost pile, haul it to the dump yourself, or in some cases, you can post on Craiglist and Facebook giving it away for free to anyone that will haul it. Many people want to create their own compost but lack all the materials to do it themselves.

How Much Does It Cost To Dump Construction Debris?

When you take it upon yourself to clear up construction debris, the costs will start to add up. You will need to take recyclables to one location, e-waste to another, then add in a trip to the local dump for debris that cannot be recycled. While you may be able to find free services for e-waste, recycling and dump runs will cost you. It varies based upon the size, weight, and type of waste.

Dump rates will also change and vary based on the dump you are taking it to and whether or not you are a local resident. For example, in Pleasanton, CA the rates are $12.00 per cubic yard with a minimum charge of $9.00 for local residents and $35.00 per cubic yard with a one-yard minimum for non local residents. Make sure you bring your ID so you can prove you are a local resident when you make a trip to the dump.

You can also make it easier on yourself and save both time and money by giving Bye Junk a call if you live in the Bay Area. Our prices are upfront and simple: $60 minimum, $30 per yard. No nonsense and the job gets done for you all you have to do is tell us what you want gone and we will take care of it.

Can You Put Drywall In The Garbage?

Bye Junk Removes Construction DebrisOne of the biggest pieces of construction waste is drywall. The sheets can be large and bulky to move and many ask if they can just be thrown in the home garbage. They certainly can, but they will likely fill or overfill your bins very quickly. Your garbage man may not pick up the bins if they are overflowing and probably won’t if you set it on the ground next to the bins.

You’ll want to check with your local trash service to see what options they offer for large item pick up. You’ll have to schedule it out and there is normally a charge but some locations do offer once or twice a year large-item pickups with no extra fees. Your other options include hauling it yourself, giving it away online, or calling a junk removal service. Your only other option to remove drywall with regular garbage is to break it down into smaller pieces to fit within your bins. This is a long process and can take weeks or months to get rid of everything.

Pros and Cons Of Renting A Dumpster For Your Project

Depending on the overall size of your construction or remodeling project you might be wondering if renting a dumpster is right for you. There is a lot to consider when deciding on a dumpster rental. Here are some of the issues to think about.

  • Dumpster Rental Pricing

What area of the country you are in will vary the overall price of the dumpster as will the size of the one you need. They typically come in 10,15, and 25 yard dumpsters. The basic costs can be between $579 to $1049 or more depending on the variables for the dumpster itself. You can also be charged for disposal, trip fees and more so make sure you check all the details at the company you are renting from beforehand.

  • Construction debris bags

If your project is too big to keep the debris on-site, but not so big for a full dumpster then a debris bag might be a good alternative. When empty they take up little space and can be purchased at a variety of home improvement stores. However, when full they do take up a lot of space and if you need 3 or more bags then it might be better to get a small dumpster.

  • Is it allowed at your location?

If you are remodeling a home, you could be within an HOA. Every one is different but you will need to place the dumpster on-site for you to use it and some HOA’s may not allow this or only in certain locations and circumstances. You’ll need to check with them first to avoid some headaches.

Pros –
Dumpsters are easy to fill and load and make it easy to get rid of your construction debris as it just all leaves all at once when the dumpster is picked up. Great for larger projects or locations. Also, a really good fit for commercial locations as those tend to have parking lots so there is ample space for the dumpster.

Cons –
If you have a small to medium project then the cost is likely going to be more than handling it yourself or using the services of construction debris removal company. They can take up a lot of space, so if you are in a cramped residential area it can cause space problems for you and your neighbors. The fees for these can really add up depending on where you rent from you can get charged for trip fees, disposal fees, overage fees, extension fees and more. The true cost of a dumpster rental is not clear in the beginning.

For most personal home projects a dumpster rental is probably not the best choice. When you are doing a very large project or commercial location then it starts to make more sense to rent a dumpster. For most residential projects disposing debris yourself or using a construction debris removal service like Bye Junk is the better option.

If you are in the Bay Area, Bye Junk focuses on making the trip to the dump the last resort as we donate and recycle as much as we can before taking your debris to the dump. With us, you can rest easy knowing you are doing the environmently friendly way of construction waste removal. You can contact us for a quick and easy quote for pick up and disposal.