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Clear Up Clutter With Junk Removal In Union City

As we move through life, we eventually discover that we collect a lot of stuff along the way. Some of those things are treasured and held onto, but others we need to let go. When you find yourself overwhelmed and needed to downsize, give Bye Junk a call. We offer the easiest junk removal in Union City.

When we started this business, we made the commitment to offer the most professional and customer service driven junk removal company. Our teams are hard-working, polite, and care about doing the best possible work for you. We work within your schedule and can handle any job you require–big or small. For a fast turnaround and the best service, you can find in Union City, look no further than Bye Junk.

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Why Should I Hire Someone For Junk Removal?

Many people opt to remove their household junk on their own. While we respect that decision, you may not realize not how much time and energy is required to responsibly dispose of your unwanted goods. Borrowing a pickup truck and hauling items to the dump can result in unexpected delays and headaches.

What if your items do not fit in the truck and you need to make multiple trips? Bay Area traffic can be unpredictable so you might find yourself stuck on the Nimitz Freeway for much longer than you anticipated. With all of the work and time, you could arrive at the dump and discover the dumping price is outrageous and you have to unload all of the items from your truck in different locations.

When you use Bye Junk for junk removal in Union City, all of those hiccups are gone. You simply give us a call or text and we arrange for a time to pick up your junk. For many pickups, you don’t even need to be home if it is left somewhere we can access. So you can continue on with your day and come home to find that old sofa or refrigerator is gone. With Bye Junk, you can rest easy knowing that you have saved bundles of time and your unwanted items will end up in responsible locations.

What Happens To My Junk?

We believe that one man’s junk can be another man’s treasure. And for those items that are no one’s treasure, we make it a priority to make sure that the landfill is the last place it ends up.

Our mission when it comes to junk removal in Union City is to focus on the 4 R’s: Remove, Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce. We go the extra mile to see that every item we remove ends up in the right place.
Whether that be with another family to use, or recycled to be recreated into many treasures. The goal behind this method is to help people and reduce the impact on our community and the environment.

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Eco-Friendly And Community Driven Junk Removal In Union City

Compared to the rest of the world, the United States comes in first when it comes to trash. On average, each person tosses out 1,609 pounds of trash per year. That trash is seldom sorted and reallocated to different places. We see this as a problem for a number of reasons.

The more trash that ends up in a landfill results in more harm to the environment. Polluants are able to linger from decomposing trash and harm the immediate area. In one way or another, trash can get into the oceans and rivers and do serious damage to the habitats there. Rather than worry about these harmful effects, we see junk removal as a way to give back to the community.

By being environmentally focused, this creates an opportunity for people to get help when they need it. Each truckload of junk we remove is inspected to see what can be salvaged. If we think an item is still useful and in working order, we find a home for it.

This eliminates materials from sitting in landfills and allows people to consume less materials. As Bay Area residents ourselves, we see the hardships people go through and the impact our growing population has had on our communities. We believe in giving back and helping people first and foremost.

We Work With Everyone

We have talked a lot about helping people clear their homes, but we are not limited to just residential properties. Property managers and construction companies look to Bye Junk to help with their clean ups. Renters and tenants can potentially leave behind their unwanted items when they move out, which creates a bigger hassle for property managers.

You want a new tenant to move in, but now you need to devote extra time to clean up the previous tenant’s mess. There is no need to stress when you can just contact Bye Junk. We can arrange a pickup within two days, or even the same day when available.

When it comes to construction debris, there are a lot of steps to consider. Whether it’s from a brand new construction project, or a renovation or remodel, there needs to be some thought into how to dispose of different materials responsibly.

Do not just toss everything in a pile and haul it to the dump. Bye Junk can ensure that any junk removal in Union City gets to the right place.

We’re Here For You During Life’s Big Changes

Certain times in our life bring about significant changes, and you could use a helping hand. If you are moving or remodeling your home, it can be exciting until you realize that you have heavy, unwanted items. Rather than starting out your new chapter, you may become bogged down with the stress of needing to toss out old furniture and appliances.

Even if it is just one item, Bye Junk is here to support you. Take the stress out of moving and remodeling and just focus on the fun parts. When bigger changes occur like the loss of a loved one, you may find yourself needing to clear out an estate when you are in a sensitive grieving period. After you have determined what needs to be removed, we can come by within your schedule to remove unwanted items in safe, respectable manner to help as best we can in those situations.

How Much Is Junk Removal In Union City?

Unlike our competitors, we offer the most transparent pricing for junk removal in Union City. While there are some items we cannot take like paint, liquids, chemicals, explosives, and hazardous materials, we do not hide our pricing. You will never be shocked by a surcharge or fee because we are 100% upfront.

Our minimum pricing is $60 and includes all travel and gas before we incorporate the cubic cost per yard. $30 a yard includes labor, sorting, disposal, and taxes. Estimates are always free and we never pressure you to use our service. We only need to add on additional fees if we are transporting items to different locations, or if the item contains freon.

For multiple locations, we charge $10 an item and $50 for items with freon. These charges exist so that we can comply with local laws and regulations. When you ask us for a quote, you can expect a thorough rundown of all costs.

Estimates are the most accurate when conducted in person, but we also respond well to text messages and feel free to send photos of what you need removed. We understand that people run on different schedules so texting may be the most appropriate form of communication for you. We respond as quickly as we can, often within 20 minutes of receiving a text. You can send us pictures or general questions to get started with junk removal in Union City.


$159 Base Cost Includes Travel & Gas Before Per Cubic Yard Cost

Per Yard

$50 Per Cubic Yard Includes Labor, Sorting, Disposal Fees, & Taxes

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No matter your situation, budget, or schedule, we will find a way to help you with your junk removal in Union City. Our teams are ready for any job that gets thrown at them. You can call or text us at 925-263-9001 to start up your free estimate. If email is more your style, you can also shoot us an email at contact@buyjunk.com. Say Goodbye to Junk and Hello to Peace of Mind when you use ByeJunk.

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