Bye Junk Pricing Guide

$95 Base Cost

$95 Base Cost Includes Travel & Gas Before Per Cubic Yard Cost

$34 Per Cubic Yard

$34 Per Cubic Yard Includes Labor, Sorting, Disposal Fees, & Taxes

Estimates & Booked Appointments Are Always Free & No-Obligation

There is a Special Fee of $10 per item for items that need to be transported to different locations for disposal/recycling purposes.

  • TVs
  • Mattresses
  • Tires

NO Hidden Prices

NO Surprise Surcharges or Fees

NO Headaches

Items we cannot take or dispose of:






Household Batteries

Fluorescent Bulbs

Household Bulbs

Hazardous or Flammable

No two jobs are ever similar. Certain factors such as having stairs, items located in an attic or crawlspace and long walking distances to where we park our truck may affect pricing and cannot be quoted until we arrive onsite. On average these factors change pricing by $50-$100. For your peace of mind, all pricing will be discussed BEFORE work begins.

A Cubic Yard is 3 ft by 3 ft by 3 ft or approximately the size of a washing machine. Our dump truck can hold 15 cubic yards. We will come into your house, upstairs, downstairs, basement or backyard to pick up and remove your junk and we can take almost anything! For example, four cubic yards or a quarter truckload could equal a couch, love seat, lamp, and a few bags or boxes. 

Our pricing includes EVERYTHING! You can submit questions or photos to us to get a quote if you have any questions or concerns. (Labor, Tax, Fees, NO BS)

Different Ways to Get A Quote

Text: (925) 263-9001
Call: 1-855-444-JUNK

Looking to have your junk picked up for cheaper?

Have the junk in a pile ready for us when we arrive in either the garage, driveway or curbside and we will take 10% off per cubic yard.

Based on our pricing, our prices per truckload are:

Truck 1/4 Full

1/4 truckload (4 CY)


Truck Icon Half Full

1/2 truckload (7 CY)


Truck Icon Three Quarters Full

3/4 truckload (12 CY)


Full Truck Icon

Full Truckload (15 CY)


A Truckload is 15 Cubic Yards or roughly 2,000 lbs Half load is 7.5 CY or roughly 1,000 lbs (whichever comes first).

A full truckload consists of 2,000 lbs or 15 yards, whichever comes first. Loads consisting fully of Construction Debris typically hit 2,000 lbs at around 3/4th of a truckload. Loads consisting fully of concrete, tile, rock, etc. can only be loaded 1/4th of a truckload. These are still considered a full truckload based on the weight.

CY = Cubic Yard and our truck holds 15 cubic yards

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