We Make Junk Removal in Oakland Easy

Do you need junk removal in Oakland? You can say Bye Junk to all of the trash laying around your home or commercial property with our services and feel good about it too. Not only will we conveniently take all of your junk away, but we donate and recycle as much of it as possible.
In our average service call time of 30 minutes, you can free yourself of the burden of your extra junk without worrying about where it will end up. Plus, with our comprehensive and fair quoting system, you’ll know exactly what you’ll be paying.
Discover more about our services, including junk removal in Oakland.

Junk Removal Truck from Bye Junk in Oakland

What Kinds Of Junk Can We Remove?

Naturally, your first question is likely what trash we can get rid of for you. We can do residential and commercial work, including whole home and garage cleanouts. Here’s what we can take:

Household Junk

All kinds of furniture

Construction Debris

Bathroom cleanouts
Concrete and brick
Kitchen cleanouts
Scrap metal

Backyard Junk

Deck removal
Above ground spa removal
Shed cleanout or removal

Office Junk

E-waste removals
Whole office cleanouts
Office furniture
Paper (no shredding)

You should also know that there are a few items we cannot dispose of:

Paints | Oils | Liquids | Chemicals | Explosives | Batteries | Hazardous items | Flammable items | Fluorescent bulbs | Other bulbs | Soil and sand | Grand pianos | Anything cemented into the ground | Pressure treated wood (only a small mix of it)

How Does Our Junk Removal In Oakland Work?

Naturally, you’re curious about how the process of getting junk removed will work. The last thing you want is for a company to remove your junk and then charge you a price you didn’t agree to. At Bye Junk we will never do that. We have a straightforward quoting system that is easy to understand.

After you call Bye Junk, we’ll explain our simple pricing system. We start with a $60 fee which includes travel and gas. Then, we measure by truck load or by cubic yards, and not weight, so you won’t pay extra for metal over paper products of the same volume. The pricing looks like this:

Of course, it makes sense that you don’t necessarily know what fits in a truck. And we don’t necessarily understand what your junk looks like when we’re just talking over the phone. So, you can either send us pictures or we can come in-person for a free, absolutely no obligation quote. We are great at estimating how much space the junk will take up when we load it into the truck once we’re actually looking at it.

Unlike other companies, we will also be upfront about our fees. We charge a $40 fee for appliances such as washers, dryers, microwaves, stoves and dishwashers. We may also charge a $20 per item that needs to be sent to a different location to be legally and safely disposed of. This includes TVs, monitors, printers, fax machines, mattresses, box springs, and tires (varied by size).

That’s it. We will tell you about all of these fees up front, and then won’t charge you any surprise surcharges or fees on the bill when we’re done. We finalize the price before we move a single piece of junk.

We work quickly, most of our calls are completed in a half hour or less. Then we’ll be gone, and so will the junk, leaving you with a clean space that is ready for whatever you need to do with it next.

Prices Per Truckload

1/8th Of A Truckload | 2 Cubic Yards
1/4th Of A Truckload | 4 Cubic Yards
1/3rd Of A Truckload | 5 Cubic Yards
1/2 Of A Truckload | 7 Cubic Yards
2/3rd Of A Truckload | 10 Cubic Yards
3/4th Of A Truckload | 12 cubic yards
Full Truckload | 15 cubic yards

Professional Oakland Commercial Junk Removal For Your Business Or Property

Businesses can struggle with trash the same way homeowners do. You may have old equipment or storage that is just taking up space in your property. Or, you may need to do extensive renovations so you need to get rid of old materials and fixtures. Sometimes your clients will also leave their garbage behind, whether it’s in your parking lot or your office. Those who run residential buildings may face this problem more often than most, and we offer commercial junk removal cleanouts to fulfill just this need.

Our Sorting and Recycling Process

You don’t want to just shuffle everything you have off into the landfill, we get it. No one wants to contribute more to our land-use problem, including us at Bye Junk. We go the extra mile to make sure that we prevent as much as possible from going to the landfill.
First, we start by donating items. Plenty of furniture pieces and other objects can get second lives and be very useful to someone else. Other items, like scrap metal and paper, can be put in recycling programs where they can be transformed into useful goods again. Our last stop is the landfill, and we aim to have as little of your trash left as possible by then.

Why Choose Bye Junk?

There are plenty of junk removal companies out there, but Bye Junk offers the most honest, convenient, and environmentally friendly process. With us, you don’t have to worry about hidden charges, rude staff, or that all of your recyclables will be abandoned in the trash.
Our professional team will respond to your call quickly, give you an honest estimate, and arrive on time. We work quickly, our appointments average only a half hour. Then we’ll be gone, and the trash will be gone too.
Trust us for junk removal in Oakland.

It is our hope to exceed your expectations with our professional and friendly customer service. We work hard to work within your schedule and limitations. For this reason, you can get a free no-obligation quote in a variety of ways:


$159 Base Cost Includes Travel & Gas Before Per Cubic Yard Cost

Per Yard

$50 Per Cubic Yard Includes Labor, Sorting, Disposal Fees, & Taxes

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