Make Cleaning Easy With Junk Removal in Concord

Everyone at some point will be faced with having to get rid of large bulky items from their home or property that aren’t able to be put out for trash pick up.  For many, it is a stressful process to figure out the best and most affordable solution to Concord junk removal. At Bye Junk we this process easy.

When you contact us it’s as simple as saying goodbye to your junk as we haul it away.  As a bonus, we make sure to dispose of your items in the most eco-friendly way possible so we minimize how much gets added to the local landfill.

We keep the process simple for you.  It starts with a call, email, or text so you can get an estimate of what it will cost to remove your items.  You don’t need to move your items yourself if you don’t want to but we also offer curbside pickup at a lower cost if you are able to get your items outside for easy pickup.

However, your items can be inside the house, garage, shed, upstairs or sitting outside and we’ll be able to take care of it for you professionally and quickly.

Image of a truck doing junk removal in concord, ca by Bye Junk

What Items Do We Pick Up For Junk Removal?

For the most part, we take anything that you consider junk or items that you want to get rid of. This includes furniture like couches, tables, chairs, even those that are broken or in poor shape.  Construction and remodel debris like old drywall, kitchen, and plumbing fixtures, tile, concrete, and other building supplies. We also offer appliance removal like washers ad dryers, stoves, refrigerators, and window AC units.  Please keep in mind anything that has freon in it will have an extra fee for the proper and sustainable disposal of the freon so it doesn’t negatively affect the local environment.

Along with specific item pick up we also offer entire home, office, or room cleanouts. Like garage cleanouts, office cleanouts and more. We also offer eviction cleanouts and previous tenant’s left items as well for any property managers and landlords.

Pretty much anything that you need taken away to be rid of we can take and if you aren’t sure if we will be able to take your items you can text photos of your unwanted items and we can confirm if that we can take them and give you a no-pressure quote.

  • Residential Junk
  • Commercial Junk
  • Office Clean Outs
  • Garage Clean Outs
  • Yard Waste and Debris
  • Construction Debris
  • Appliance Removal
  • Estate Clean Out Services
  • E-Waste Removal
  • Kitchen Remodels
  • Mattress Removal
  • Spa and Hot Tub Removal
  • Remodel Debris Removal
  • Shed and Storage Unit Clean Outs
  • Furniture Removal

What Do We Do With Your Junk?

At Bye Junk, we go above and beyond with our junk removal in Concord service.  We operate on our code of the four R’s. We do this to help make our community the best it can be because we are locally owned and operated and want to make sure we treat every one of our clients like how we want to be treated.


What are the four R’s that Bye Junk abides by?  They are:



  • Remove


First and foremost we remove your unwanted junk, items, and debris in a fast and reliable manner. This process begins when you first contact us to get a quote and set up an appointment to have your items removed. This can be done over the phone, through email, or even with text messages.  We’ll arrive with our professional truck and equipment on time when it’s convenient for you and quickly, safely, professionally remove your items from wherever they are on your property. Front yard, back yard, first floor, second floor or above we can handle it all.


  • Recycle


Next, after removing your items from your location we will begin to dispose of them responsibly.  That begins with recycling everything that can be recycled. Depending on what items you have us get rid many of them can be recycled directly or for scrap. Any sort of old electronics and devices can be recycled and we will take care of that for you, along with anything else like paper, cardboard, metal, appliances that cannot be reused and more.


  • Reuse


For any items we take that are still in a usable condition we will do everything we can to get it to those that need it first.  Our last resort with items in usable condition is to take it to the landfill. You can rest easy knowing we make it easy to sustainably get junk removal in Concord without doing the extra work of taking your items to multiple places to recycle, donate, or to the dump.


  • Reduce


The last of our pillars of the four R’s is the reduce our overall impact on our community and the environment. We do this by utilizing energy-efficient means for junk removal and making taking items to landfill our last option.  We have updated equipment and continue to stay up to date with changes in our industry to be eco-friendly as possible.

Matthew Herman of Bye Junk loading up a truck with unwanted junk
image of Bye Junk;s truck in Concord

Concord Commercial Removal Services For Your Business Or Property

If you have a retail, office, multiple properties, or any type of commercial location we also provide commercial Concord junk removal.  We provide the same level of service as our residential offerings so you can say goodbye to your junk is a safe and sustainable way even for office and other commercial cleanouts.

We excel at office remodels so when it comes time to upgrade your desks, computers, phone systems, and design make us your first call to take care of removing the old equipment and furniture.  As well as any construction debris that is created during the remodel.

Fast, Free, and Easy Quotes For Quick Pick Ups And Junk Hauling

If you are looking for junk removal in Concord then make Bye Junk your only call.  We are ready and waiting to take care of you and your unwanted items. Contact us now or give us a call at (925) 263-9001 We also offer junk removal in Walnut Creek, junk removal in Pleasant Hill and more Bay Area Locations.

Contact us for a free on-location estimate!

We arrive quickly and on time!

We verify the items that need to be removed.

We then finalize a total based on all items up that is all-inclusive with no hidden fees.

We then load up the truck. Average completion time is around 30 minutes.

After we finish loading the truck, the site is cleaned, and we go on our way.

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