Say GoodBye To Junk Sustainably With Junk Removal In Walnut Creek

Bye Junk is committed to sustainable junk removal in Walnut Creek.  We take pride in that taking your junk to the dump is our last choice and option when you hire us.  We take every step possible to reuse, recycle, and donate the items you no longer wish to keep around your home or office before we end up taking them to the landfill with our garbage pickup service.

Walnut Creek is committed to renewable and reusable energy and resources and so are our junk removal services and e-waste recycling and e-waste pickup. Whether for residential or commercial we are the most eco-friendly junk removal provider.

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It’s What We Do That Makes A Difference

Many businesses these days use buzz words to project a sustainable environmental image, but many lack the actual actions that cause sustainable change. At Bye Junk, we back up our goals and focus with our actions. Whatever type of junk removal in Walnut Creek services you are in need of, we have extensive experience in how to handle the removal and disposal in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Taking it to the dump is our absolute last resort. If there is anything that can be recycled we will separate that out first and take it to the appropriate facility to be recycled.

If the items you need to be removed are still in good working order we will donate them to a variety of locations that will get the items into the hands of those that could make use of those items. With our focus on the 4 R’s of junk removal – remove, recycle, reduce, and reuse you can rest easy knowing you made the right choice with Bye Junk.

The 4 R’s Of Walnut Creek Junk Removal

Remove –  Whatever unwanted items you may have whether residential or commercial we come and remove them for you.  Just contact us and we’ll arrive on time when we say and quickly remove your items. They can be outside with easy loading or we can come in and do the removal, whatever works best for you.

Recycle – You’d be surprised how much out there can be fully or partially recycled when taken to the proper facility.  With our junk removal in Walnut Creek service, we sort your items into what can or cannot be recycled. By recycling as much as possible we greatly reduce how much gets put into the local landfill.  This helps save the environment while getting rid of your unwanted items

Reuse – After our first round of sorting we do it again.  This time to sort out what items are still in good and safe working order that others would be able to get some use out of.  This included items like bikes, furniture, appliances, building materials and more. Just because it’s junk to you doesn’t mean someone else can’t get value out of it.  We handle both the sorting and drop off of reusable goods to locations that will get them into the hands of those that could benefit from them. You get the win/win of cleaning out your location and helping out someone else as well.

Reduce – We all have a role to play in the sustainability of our local environment as well as the planet as a whole.  When you utilize our eco-friendly services you greatly reduce the impact on the local environment by removing your junk responsibly and in a way that is great for the planet as well.

Bye Junk Loading Dresser
Bye Junk Truck at Recycle Center

Trusted Commercial Junk Removal In Walnut Creek For Your Business Or Office

We offer much more than standard home junk removal services. We also specialize in commercial and office junk removal as well.  From entire office cleanouts and remodels to construction and retail location junk removal, we can do it all. Our commercial junk removal in Walnut Creek service is fast, friendly, and professional.  We understand when junk is at your business you’ll need it removed as soon as possible with as little impact on your business, employees, customers as possible. Our professional team will arrive on time and quickly load up your unwanted items safely and efficiently.  Once we are gone there will be no trace of our work so your commercial location can get back to business as usual as soon as possible.

Real Estate junk removal is also a specialty of ours.  From evicted tenant cleanouts to leftover items when someone moves or from a remodel and restoration clean up we can be your one-stop-shop for your real estate location clean up. We handle a variety of restoration clean up needs from hauling old demolition debris to entire room cleanouts prior to remodel work getting started and clean up after the job is complete.  Contact us today for a quote for your junk removal needs.

The Most Comprehensive Residential Walnut Creek Junk Removal

We pride ourselves in going above and beyond the competition in service, quality, and customer satisfaction.  That commitment begins with being your one-stop shop for everything junk removal related in your home. From mattress removal, general garabge pickup and much more.

Our fast and speedy service coupled with our eco-friendly commitment means you are getting the most value out of your junk removal.  Removing your unwanted items quickly and safely for both you and the environment.

Items We Can Remove

Household Junk:

  • Appliances
  • Mattresses
  • All Kinds of Furniture
  • TV’s and Electronics
  • Cardboard
  • Whole Home and Garage Cleanouts

Construction Debris:

  • Bathroom Cleanouts
  • Wood
  • Concrete & Brick
  • Kitchen Cleanout
  • Scrap Metal
  • Tile & Drywall

Backyard Junk:

  • Deck Removal
  • Above Ground Spa Removal
  • Debris/Trash
  • Shed Clean out or Removal
  • Wood/Tree Branches
  • Large Tree Stumps
  • Organic Waste Removal

Office Junk:

  • E-Waste Removal
  • Whole-Office Cleanouts
  • Office Furniture
  • Paper Removal (No Shredding)

Items We Don’t Take:

  • Loose Dirt/Soil/Sod
  • Grand Pianos
  • Pressure Treated Wood (Small Mix OK)
  • Anything Cemented In-Ground
  • Hazardous/Flammables/Liquids

We Make It Easy To Get A Quote

If you are in need of having items removed then just contact us here or give us a call.  We’ll be happy to walk you through our services and give you a quote for how much it’ll be to remove your items.  You can also text us photos of what you need to be removed for a complete and accurate quote. We are happy to help and have the opportunity to have you say goodbye to your junk.

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