Junk Removal in Berkeley

Say Goodbye to your junk and to the trash that you have anywhere in your home or your business property. With Bye Junk’s professional junk removal in Berkeley, it couldn’t be easier to get a clean, fresh space with no more junk in it. You don’t have to worry about hidden fees and charges or changing quotes when you work with us.

The reliable and honest team at Bye Junk gives real quotes, shows up when we say we will, and does our best to donate and recycle your junk. One person’s junk is another person’s treasure, but neither have to be your problem. Learn more about how our junk removal service works today.

Bye Junk truck offering junk removal in Berkeley

The Junk We Can Remove 

It makes sense that your first question to us would be what kind of junk we can remove from your property. We can remove all sort of junk, including:  

  • Household junk
    • Appliances
    • Mattresses
    • All kinds of furniture
    • TVs
    • Electronics
    • Cardboard
  • Construction debris
    • Bathroom cleanouts
    • Wood
    • Concrete and brick
    • Kitchen cleanouts
    • Scrap metal
    • Tile
    • Drywall
  • Backyard junk
    • Deck removal
    • Above ground spa removal
    • Debris/trash
    • Shed cleanout or removal
    • Wood/trees
  • Backyard junk
    • Deck removal
    • Above ground spa removal
    • Debris/trash
    • Shed cleanout or removal
    • Wood/trees
  • Office junk
    • E-waste removals
    • Whole office cleanouts
    • Office furniture
    • Paper (no shredding)

On the other hand, there is some junk that we cannot safely dispose of, so we can’t take it. This includes:

  • Paints
  • Oils
  • Liquids
  • Chemicals
  • Explosives
  • Batteries
  • Hazardous items
  • Flammable items
  • Fluorescent bulbs
  • Other bulbs
  • Soil and sand
  • Grand pianos
  • Anything cemented into the ground
  • Pressure treated wood (only a small mix of it)

An Environmentally Friendly Junk Company

We’re connected to our community in Berkeley, and we know that many of the people we serve here care deeply about where their junk ends up. You don’t want your things to be a burden in landfills, to harm the local environment, or to get into the water supply. We feel the same, so we go to great lengths to keep your junk from ending up there.

First, we donate all of the items that we can from your junk. Furniture, appliances and materials may all get a happy second life with another owner, so we work with local organizations to give them the opportunity.

Our second stop is recycling programs. You may be surprised about how many of your junk items can be recycled locally. Scrap metal, paper, plastic cardboard, wood and other materials can all be recycled, broken down, and turned into new materials and products.

When we’ve donated and recycled everything that we can, we bring the rest of your items to the dump. Our removal services include:

Environmentally Friendly Junk Removal in Berkeley
Berkeley Junk Removal - Spa

The Benefits of Professional Junk Removal In Berkeley

Why have your junk removed by the professionals instead of doing it yourself? There are so many benefits to calling us:

  • Less stress: You may not know how to safely dispose of all of the junk you have, but you don’t have to stress about it. You can trust that we will remove your junk safely and responsibly.
  • No renting: Many people don’t have a vehicle that can take their junk away. You don’t need to rent anything when you call our services.
  • No injury: Not everyone can lift the large items that they want to dispose of. Our team has strong people who can properly lift large items, so there’s no chance you’ll hurt yourself.
  • A clean space: The ultimate benefit of professional junk removal is having a clean yard, room, home, or property with

The Cost of Junk Removal In Berkeley

Too many junk removal companies add on unexpected charges or give unreasonable quotes. We have a simple pay system so that you understand exactly what you will be paying before we move your junk, so you can make the decision that is best for you.

Here is how our pricing works. We start with a $60 baseline fee. This includes travel and gas for our team and truck. Then we charge you by cubic yard. We don’t charge by weight. You don’t know what your junk will weigh, and it’s pretty hard for us to predict too, so you might be surprised by a quote based on weight. So, we charge by yard, and we can give you a very accurate estimate of your junk’s yardage one we see it in person.

Our by the yard pricing is added to the base pricing, and it looks like this:

  • 1/8th Of A Truckload or 2 Cubic Yards – $199
  • 1/4th Of A Truckload or 4 Cubic Yards – $249
  • 1/3rd Of A Truckload or 5 Cubic Yards – $299
  • 1/2 Of A Truckload or 7 Cubic Yards – $379
  • 2/3rd Of A Truckload or 10 Cubic Yards – $479
  • 3/4th Of A Truckload or 12 Cubic Yards – $559
  • Full Truckload or 15 Cubic Yards – $689

We can estimate from pictures or we can drive over to give you a free quote. You’re under no obligation to accept our quote even when we show up in person.


$159 Base Cost Includes Travel & Gas Before Per Cubic Yard Cost

Per Yard

$50 Per Cubic Yard Includes Labor, Sorting, Disposal Fees, & Taxes

We’re also upfront about the additional fees that we have to charge for some items. Here is all of them:

  • Appliances: We charge a $40 fee for every appliance that you ask us to take, including washers, dryers, dishwashers, microwaves and stoves.
  • Disposal fees: Due to local law, we need to send some items to special locations for disposal, so we need to charge $20 for them. This includes printers, fax machines, mattresses, box springs, TVs, monitors, and tires (varied by size.)
  • Freon Fee: Any items with freon do have a disposal fee of $50 which is set by local regulations to ensure it is disposed of properly and safely for the environment.

That’s our complete fee structure! You won’t find any surprise fees or surcharges on your bill when we’re done. And, once you’ve accepted our quote, we move quickly. Most of our junk calls are completed in less than a half hour.

Trust In Bye Junk–Let Us Help You Today!

No matter your situation, budget, or schedule, we will find a way to help you with your junk removal in Union City. Our teams are ready for any job that gets thrown at them. You can call or text us at 925-263-9001 to start up your free estimate. If email is more your style, you can also shoot us an email at contact@buyjunk.com. Say Goodbye to Junk and Hello to Peace of Mind when you use ByeJunk.

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