Junk Removal In Alamo

Quick And Reliable Junk Removal In Alamo

Are you in need of a fresh start? Spring cleaning and decluttering can transform your perspective. It can be fulfilling and exciting. The part that is not so great is trying to figure out what to do with all your unwanted possessions. Bye Junk is here to help with your junk removal in Alamo. We offer amazing service at affordable prices so you can easily say goodbye to your junk.

Our process is simple and seamless so we can help you get a breath of fresh air faster. Better yet, we make sure all of your belongings end up where they need to go. We donate anything that can be reused and loved by someone else, and properly recycle and discard all materials we take in. It is our mission to help people and the environment with excellent service.

Alamo Junk Removal
Alamo Junk Removal Pricing

How Much Is Junk Removal in Alamo?

Part of the hassle with getting rid of old items is figuring out the balancing act of where things need to go to be discarded. It can be overwhelming once you consider disposal fees, truck rentals, and other added costs.

We keep our pricing simple so that you can plan accordingly. Our $60 base cost includes all travel and gas before adding in cubic yard cost. We charge $30 per cubic yard, which includes labor, sorting, disposal fees, and taxes. It is that simple.

If you are not sure how many cubic yards your junk takes up, we offer free estimates with no pressure or obligations. For junk removal in Alamo with easy, no-nonsense pricing, look no further than Bye Junk.

No Surprises With Bye Junk

At Bye Junk, we pride ourselves on having upfront policies and procedures. We will not add additional fees for disposing of different items or materials. There are some items we cannot accept such as paint, liquids, oil, batteries, household or fluorescent bulbs, chemicals, explosives, and hazardous materials.

Our only added fee comes from items with freon, which is an additional $50 due to additional regulations. Outside of those limitations, we can accept:

  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Yard Waste
  • General Clutter
  • Cardboard
  • Home Remodel Debris
  • E-Waste
  • Whole-Home Clean-outs
  • Room Clean-outs

Environmentally Friendly Junk Removal In Alamo

Our business model focuses on the four R’s of junk removal. We remove your unwanted items, recycle to save landfills, reuse junk through giving, and reduce our impact on our community. We allocate resources and trucks appropriately to reduce our carbon footprint with every job we do.

We did not get into this business to make a quick buck and just throw everything into landfills. Part of our mission focuses on the environment. Discarding materials that can be reused or recycled take up unnecessary space in landfills and can cause more pollution.

This is why we take the time to sort through your belongings to make sure it goes to the right place. Any item that can be reused or recycled is diverted away from the dump. It is no added trouble for us to drive different materials to separate facilities for recycling because it is the right thing to do.

Friendly Junk Removal in Alamo

Junk Removal In Alamo For Businesses And Property Managers

Bye Junk is not limited to just household removals. Many of our customers include businesses, office managers, and property managers. Remodeling a business or office can be a hassle. Bye Junk can remove any unwanted items or remodel debris so that you can get back to your day to day operations. We work within your schedule and offer the same no-nonsense pricing as we do not residential customers.

Is your office going through an update and transformation? You can start by having our team go in and remove everything first so you can start with a blank canvas. Better yet, we will make sure that your office materials including computers and desks can get reused by someone who would greatly benefit. We see ourselves as helpers within our community, so we want to see your business grow and support those in need.

How Will You Pick Up My Junk?

Our flexibility is apparent with how we go about removing your unwanted materials. As a full-service company that specializes in junk removal in Alamo, we can go into your house as needed to remove items. Our team is trained to take care and precautions while in your home and safely remove heavy or bulky items into our trucks.

If you would rather, you can also leave your junk in an area that is accessible and you do not have to be present for the pickup. You can schedule a contactless pickup by paying with a credit card over the phone. When availability allows, we can even pick up the next day or same-day.

Do you want to save a little money? Since we charge by cubic feet, you can reduce the volume of your junk. The quickest and cheapest pick-ups have everything in one location with limited barriers to get your junk into our trucks. Breaking down items such as desks or boxes and laying them out on a driveway is a great way to have excellent service at a cheaper rate.

Call Us Today To Get Started

You might be wondering why you would pay a bunch of strangers to get rid of your junk when you are capable of doing it yourself. We believe that time is a valuable resource, and we want to help you save some of it.

Remodeling, moving, or decluttering takes enough time on its own. Allow us to help you by hauling away the things you do not want. Plus, you can rest assured knowing that all of your items will be rehomed, recycled, or disposed of properly.

It is our hope to exceed your expectations with our professional and friendly customer service. We work hard to work within your schedule and limitations. For this reason, you can get a free no-obligation quote in a variety of ways:


$159 Base Cost Includes Travel & Gas Before Per Cubic Yard Cost

Per Yard

$50 Per Cubic Yard Includes Labor, Sorting, Disposal Fees, & Taxes

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